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Brake Control and Electrical WiringBrake Control and Electrical Wiring

Professional installation of your trailer hitch, brake control and electrical wiring is highly recommended. There is nothing quite as frightening as trying to stop a vehicle and trailer when the trailer brakes do not work properly. Malfunctioning brakes can be a nightmare and make your journey both tedious and dangerous. Hitch House of Atlanta offers professional installation of trailer hitches, brake control and electrical wiring. We are Atlanta’s best source for trailer hitches and offer full service installation!

At the Hitch House we know how important properly installed and correctly adjusted trailer brakes are. You have to have the right brakes for your load, and you have to know how to use them. At the Hitch House we can make sure your brake control and electrical wiring matches your load and we will show you how to use them.

The Hitch House will also install all of the electrical wiring needed for the trailer’s tail, brake and running lights. If you are pulling a camper that has a refrigerator, we will also install the wiring needed to keep the inside of the refrigerator cold while you are traveling and cannot use gas.

When properly installed, the electrical components provide the trailer with braking, lighting and power.


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